About Onsite Building Trust

Real change only happens when people make a genuine connection. Local communities are the bedrock of our society. We make it possible for local people to come together, to empower themselves, to share passions and interests, supporting one another and helping those who need it most.
Onsite Building Trust encourages and supports community-oriented actions, groups and social enterprises.

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Our Story

Onsite Building Trust came into existence when Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council was struggling to maintain community services and facilities across the area. In 2012, Catalyst Stockton launched a project as part of a Transforming Local Infrastructure Funding programme, to find a way for the Council to reduce the cost of community outreach whilst safeguarding the community centres.
Onsite Building Trust, the private limited company and charity founded in October 2013 was that solution; becoming fully operational with four community centres transferred to us from the Council in April 2014. Since then, we have taken over three more centres and are looking to grow. We are lucky enough to work with a passionate team supporting out goals, customers and the needs of the communities we server.

Agents of community development

We are committed to maximising the space available to ensure that anyone who wants to rent a room (whether it is a children’s party, nursery, social enterprise, self-employed freelancer, corporate training or sports activity) can benefit from out sustainable management of the community centres.
Our aim is to ensure the centres are self-sustaining, easy to use, accessible for everyone, environmentally friendly and manages with the needs of the community at the centre of every operational decision. We make the centre work for the benefit of everyone in the local community.


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Our Mission

Developing our communities centres to be sustainable, viable and easy to use with our communities.

Our Values

Onsite Building Trust is a team of hard-working professionals and volunteers, who want to make a positive impact in the local community. Our values underpin everything.

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